Innovation and Critical Thinking

Learn to leverage your creativity to identify and solve organizational problems with our online certificate in Innovation and Critical Thinking.

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Learn about the online certificate in Innovation and Critical Thinking.

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Watch the video information session to learn more about our Innovation and Critical Thinking online certificate, along with IT-related online certificates, offered in partnership with World Education.

About the Online Course

Why Enroll?

  • Develop and Refine Your Creativity
    Channeling your own personal creativity and innovative thinking skills will be at the forefront of this program. You will learn how to exercise and refine these skills to better aid your workplace or organization. You will focus on personal creativity, as well as creativity in group settings.
  • Systemic Problem-Solving
    The Innovation and Critical Thinking program will teach you organizational and systemic problem solving. With the provided instruction, you’ll be able to solve problems using new ideas and concepts. Bring innovation to your workplace by transforming your problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

  • Enhance Your Social Skills
    This program will provide you with many opportunities for personal growth, one of these areas is increased social skills. You will actively practice listening, public speaking and social perceptiveness. These skills will assist you with group projects or innovation.

  • Project Management and Organization
    You will learn new ways of problem solving and organization through thinking in a critical and innovative fashion. These skills will grant you with both personal and professional development for years to come. The Innovation and Critical Thinking program will broaden your mindset, creativity and output capacity.

Cost and Length

Innovation and Critical Thinking
Cost: $395
Length: 20 hours / 4 months
When to Start: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer



CalJOBS connects dislocated workers with employment training opportunities. SF State is an eligible training provider.

World Education Partnership

SF State's College of Professional & Global Education offers this program in partnership with World Education.

World Education offers a large array of courses and eLearning products to meet the needs of their academic partners. World Education's mission is to create a positive learning journey for students by providing superior service, comprehensive content and expert coaching in a format that is available and affordable to all students. They accomplish their purpose when students complete their program ready to meet the expectations and challenges of their industry and are equipped to find employment.

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