Teacher Training in Ethnic Studies

Ethnic Studies Courses for Teachers and Education Professionals

Take a graduate-level course or upper-division undergraduate course a la carte or toward an Ethnic Studies Post-Baccalaureate Certificate. There are more than a 100 upper-division classes to choose from in the following subjects:

  • Africana Studies
  • American Indian Studies
  • Asian American Studies
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Latina/Latino Studies
  • Race and Resistance Studies

Special Rate for Teachers

Latina student on campus

School districts paying tuition for currently-employed high school teachers are eligible for a special course rate:

Regular Rate: $395/unit  |  $1,185/class  |  $4,740/certificate
Teacher Rate: $300/unit  |  $900/class  |  $3,600/certificate

Teachers whose school district is not paying their tuition may be eligible for a rebate of $200/class (up to $400 total), paid after completion of the certificate requirements. This will apply to upper-division classes (numbered 300 - 599) in Africana Studies, American Indian Studies, Asian American Studies, Latina/Latino Studies or Race and Resistance Studies. The following courses are excluded from the rebate: ETHS 710, ETHS 711, ETHS 750.

Proof of current employment at a K-12 school is required. Please submit your application for the rebate using the form below.

How to Enroll

Ethnic Studies teacher on a laptop, with a friend nearby

To be eligible for the special rate and rebate, sign up through the College of Ethnic Studies before the class start date: Fall 2023: August 21.

Create your SF State ID and follow the instructions to create your SF State Password.

Choose upper-division or graduate classes from AFRS, AIS, AA S, LTNS, ETHS or RRS.

Complete the application form before classes start.



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