Project Management FAQ


No. Our professional development courses are open to all.

No. There are no prerequisites or requirements to enter the program. The program is non-academic.

No application is required to enter the program. An application is required to request a certificate after completion of required coursework.


Yes. Courses are online and hands-on. Students must have basic computer skills to participate.

International Students

Anyone with a valid non-immigrant visa (except B1/B2, F2, M2) may enroll in College of Professional & Global Education courses.


The Project Management Professional Certificate is approximately $4,750 (not including texts) and the Project Management Fundamentals certificate is approximately $2,850 (not including texts).

All Project Management courses are held online.

Yes. See the Certificate page.

Courses begin and end throughout the semester.

Classes are offered all year long, and students can start at any time.

It is strongly recommended that students take the courses in each fast-track program in the order in which they are listed under the requirements.

No. Students can sign up course by course. We advise students to sign up for each course two weeks prior to the start of the course to guarantee a seat.

Because of the short length and participatory nature of the classes, full attendance at all scheduled course meetings is mandatory. Students who miss a session may not be able to receive credit for the course, so it is best to avoid registering for courses if you have previous commitments that conflict with any of the scheduled course dates. Exceptions are reviewed individually, based on third-party documentation. Students requesting an exception must contact the instructor and program coordinator or director.

Project Management courses carry continuing education unit (CEU) credit, nationally recognized units of measurement for professional development and training. CEUs may be used when employers, agencies or other authorities require a specified number of hours of study and where non-academic credit is acceptable. One CEU is equal to 10 hours of instruction. CEUs are not transferrable to academic programs.

Courses are non-academic and are graded on a credit/no credit basis. Grading is based on student attendance, participation and satisfactory completion of class assignments.

Faculty biographies are available on this website; see Project Management Faculty.


To confirm, change or create your SF State Password, visit SF State Login.

Financial aid, such as FAFSA, is generally not available for non-academic professional development courses. For more information, see Financial Aid. The Project Management program is registered with CalJOBS, which means some individuals who qualify for their programs may receive assistance. For more information, see CalJOBS.

See Register and Pay. You will need to know the Class Number of each class for which you wish to register. Class numbers and course schedules for upcoming classes are available online approximately six to eight weeks before the beginning of each semester.

Fees should be paid as students register. Full tuition payment is always due before courses begin. Due dates are calculated by adding five days (including weekends and holidays) to the date of registration with the following exception: If registration takes place within five days of the beginning of a course, fees are due the business day before a course begins. If a student registers for multiple courses with different due dates, total fees must be paid by the earliest due date. See Due Date and Payment Instructions Guide.

Students who fail to submit payment by the due date are automatically dropped for nonpayment and lose their seat in class. Students who wish to attend the course must re-enroll and pay for the course before it begins or on the first day or night of class with instructor's permission, provided seats are still available. However, tuition charges are not automatically voided when students are dropped for nonpayment; to void charges, students must formally drop the course by calling (415) 405-7700. See Due Date and Payment Instructions Guide.

Students must officially request refunds by the drop deadline by completing and signing a College of Professional & Global Education Add/Drop Form. The effective date of a refund is the day the request is received by the College of Professional & Global Education. You can drop by phone by calling one of our registration staff members to drop your class at (415) 405-7700. Refund checks are mailed to students approximately three to four weeks on average after the drop form is received. According to CSU regulations, credit card accounts cannot be credited. Visit Drops and Refunds for drop/refund information and schedules.


The program does not have a job placement component, but we do receive Project Management job announcements from local businesses, which we share with currently-enrolled students. Sometimes, the SF Public Library main branch offers career coaching. (See SF Library Aware.)

Please contact the Project Management staff:

Program Lead
Afitap Boz
(415) 817-4227

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