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CSU Annual Biotechnology Symposium 2022

Clinical Trials Design and Management students are encouraged to attend.

The CSU Annual Biotechnology Symposium program is designed to broaden exposure to cutting-edge biotechnologies, product-focused innovation and the spectrum of career paths available in the life sciences. The symposium brings CSU students, faculty and administrators together, along with biotech professionals working in academia, government and industry. Faculty and administrators system-wide, along with community college colleagues, use the event to catch up, initiate collaborations, share ideas and swap lessons learned.

CSUPERB hosts the annual symposium each year and subsidizes the travel and registration costs for CSU students and faculty. However, this year's virtual symposium will require no fees for registration.

The symposium program includes professional development opportunities for both students and faculty, a forum at which to share research results and innovative curriculum redesigns and rare access to CSU alumni, professionals and employers working in the biotechnology industry, as well as graduate school recruiters from top universities.

The symposium offers opportunities for students, faculty, alumni,and administrators to join in and actively participate as part of the CSU’s biotechnology community. We hope all participants come to the symposium to learn from others, gain inspiration, mentor peers, support students attending their first professional meeting, share career advice, meet new colleagues and broker new research partnerships.



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