UCSF Medical Assistant Trainee Academy

Build on Your Foundation after Completing the Clinical Medical Assistant (CMA) Program

Join the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Assistant Trainee Academy and take the next step in building on the strong foundation you have established here at San Francisco State University’s College of Professional & Global Education.

Are you passionate and eager to continue your growth as a new medical assistant and reach new heights in your medical career?

Join UCSF, one of the most reputable healthcare institutions in the world, through the Medical Assistant Academy and gain valuable experience that is essential to the industry.

The Medical Assistant Academy is thoughtfully designed to deliver comprehensive training and practical experience as a medical assistant, positioning you for promising career prospects at UCSF

Throughout your four-month enrollment in the Academy, you will receive competitive compensation along with a robust benefits package, including health coverage, tax-saving programs, holiday pay and more. 

If you are accepted as a medical assistant into the Academy, you may have the potential for a designated career opportunity, depending on your performance and alignment with the clinic's evolving needs. This is a great opportunity to begin your journey toward a fulfilling and impactful healthcare career.

This opportunity is only open to students who complete the hybrid course in 2024 or later, and online students who have completed an externship. A limited number of students are accepted into this program on a monthly basis. We will provide you with application information and assistance once you have successfully completed the hybrid CMA course.

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