Ethnic Studies Curriculum

Important Notice

This program is on hold and not currently accepting applications.

Ethnic Studies Online Bachelor’s Degree Completion (60 Units)

Core Courses (9 Units)

The three core courses account for nine units:

  • ETHS 100: Introduction to Ethnic Studies (If you’ve taken a different introductory Ethnic Studies course, it may substitute.)
  • ETHS 300 GW: Writing in Ethnic Studies
  • ETHS 580: Senior Capstone


Breadth Requirements (18 Units)

Choose 18 units in the three major research areas of Ethnic Studies, known as breadth requirements. There are six units each in:

Choose Two Classes

Students may fulfill UD-B or UD-D in this area depending on the courses they choose.

  • RRS 304 Decolonize Your Diet: Food Justice and Gendered Labor in Communities of Color UD-B, AERM, ES
  • AFRS 370 Health, Medicine and Nutrition in the Black Community UD-D, AERM, ES, SJ
  • AIS 450 American Indian Science
  • AIS 520 Before the Wilderness: American Indian Ecology
  • AA S 591 Asian American Community Health Issues UD-B, AERM, SJ
  • AFRS 678 Urban Issues of Black Children and Youth

Choose Two Classes

Students will fulfill UD-C in this area.

  • AIS 310 American Indian Religion and Philosophy UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ
  • AIS 320 American Indian Music UD-C, AERM, SJ
  • AFRS 326 Black Religion UD-C, AERM, SJ
  • RRS 360 Cultural Dialogues and Ethnic Literature UD-C, AERM
  • RRS 380 Coloring Queer: Imagining Communities UD-C, AERM, SJ
  • RRS 480 Youth Culture, Race and Resistance UD-D, AERM, SJ
  • RRS 571 Women, Class and Race UD-C, AERM, ES, GP, SJ
  • LTNS 530 Latinas/os and the Media UD-C, AERM, SJ
  • AA S 585 Asian American Religiosities UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ
  • AFRS 645 Literature of the Harlem Renaissance UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ
  • AFRS 665 Black Journalism UD-C, AERM

Choose Two Classes

Students may fulfill UD-C or UD-D in this area, depending on their choices.

  • AFRS 350/AIS 350/LTNS 350 Black Indians in the Americas UD-D, AERM
  • AA S 380 Cambodians in the United States UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ
  • AIS 400 American Indian Education UD-D, AERM, GP, SJ
  • AIS 410 Perspectives of Native California Indians AERM, ES
  • AIS 420 Native Genders and Feminism UD-D, AERM, SJ
  • AIS 440 Native Sexualities and Queer Discourse UD-D, AERM, GP, SJ
  • AIS 460 Power and Politics in American Indian History UD-D, USH, AERM, SJ
  • LTNS 460 Central Americans of the U.S.: History and Heritage UD-D, AERM, GP, SJ
  • LTNS 465 Mexican-Americans: History and Heritage AERM, GP
  • LTNS 467 Caribbeans in the U.S.: History and Heritage GP, SJ
  • AA S 540 South Asians in the United States UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ
  • AA S 570 Southeast Asians in the United States UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ
  • RRS 600 History of People of Color in the U.S. UD-D, GP, SJ
  • RRS 625 Mixed Race Studies: A Comparative Focus UD-D, AERM, SJ


Ethnic Studies Electives (15 Units)

Choose 15 units of Ethnic Studies electives either through transfer our in one of our departments:

One program elective must include course material on California Native Peoples, for example: AIS 410.


University Electives (18 Units)

Complete 18 units in University electives. At least six units must be in upper division classes. General Education requirements and complementary studies can be satisfied with these electives.


Course Modality

All 60 units of courses are fully online. Courses can be taken in any order, except for ETHS 580 which should be reserved for your final semester. Available classes change every semester and students can take a maximum of five classes per term.

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