GIS Courses Starting in October 2023

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September 13, 2023
GIS Courses over a satellite map
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Many Geographic Information Systems courses are starting in October. Register now for these two-day courses:

  • Introduction to Remote Sensing, October 13 & 14
  • This course covers basic concepts and procedures used in remote-sensed image processing. Emphasis is placed on use of imagery from passive sensors like digital satellite or aerial data. The course is designed for beginning level users and consists of lecture, examples, and introductory labs. Topics include sensor properties, the electromagnetic spectrum, image analysis and classification, image transformations and enhancement, applications, integration with GIS, accuracy assessment, and ERDAS Imagine. Prerequisites: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GEOG 9003) or equivalent.
  • Scientific Visualization in GIS, October 20 & 21
    An introduction to the use of GIS in the visualization of map and image-based scientific data sets, and subsequent interpretation. Topics covered include terrain analysis, viewshed analysis, spatial statistical analysis of point sample data, and surface generation from points and contour data sets. ArcGIS 3D Analyst will be used to explore the possibilities of three-dimensional data visualization.
  • Processing GIS Data with ModelBuilder and Python (Online), October 27 & 28
    This course explores the visual tools and methods used for processing data in GIS. The course introduces students to the geoprocessing concept, and its framework (tools, scripts and models), and will focus on model use not just for advanced analysis but also for common repetitive procedures common in GIS manipulation. Topics will include the Geoprocessing framework, the analytical method, Tools, Toolboxes, Scripts, Models using the ArcGIS ModelBuilder, and process documentation. Class Format: Approximately 50% lecture, 50% software applications.

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