Pre-Health Post-Bac Alumni Spotlight: Maverick

Pre-Health Post-Bac Graduate, Maverick

2014 Graduate

MD, Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine

Why did you choose to attend the SF State Post-Bac program? 

[SF State] offered the blend of a strong reputation, nurturing program and a wonderful city of adventure. I have lots of family in the Bay Area.

What is/was your favorite spot on the SF State campus, and why?  

The track. Specifically the stadium for stair running.

Which SF State Post-Bac class was your favorite and why?  

Chemistry. This was the start of my curriculum, and it was presented in such an entertaining and practical way. The teaching in this course validated my choice for doing a specialized post-bac program. Didn’t have to fight for spots, as well.

What is/was your favorite thing to do in SF? 

My favorite memories included spending time with colleagues from my cohort while getting to know SF. Since we mostly came from varied professional backgrounds, it was comforting knowing that I wasn't alone in this career change. Many of us still keep in touch!

Tell us something you learned as an SF State Post-Bac that is important to you. 

The opportunities given to you via networking and word of mouth are an invaluable pro of being in a program like this. Many of the volunteer opportunities and eventual letters were because staff and colleagues knew someone who vouched for me.

What advice would you give to incoming post-bac students? 

If you have any reservation in pursuing medicine, consider that this isn’t the right move for you. It’s a timely (and expensive) endeavor to try out and then leave for something meant for you. But if you have no hesitation, then don’t worry about the time lost. The journey is worth it.

What resources have you used while a post-bac to help you reach your goals?  

The compilation of resources from the cohorts ahead of us. MCAT courses such as Kaplan. Khan Academy was invaluable. Sessions led by cohort TAs above us were extremely useful.

Did you make meaningful friendships in the program? If so, tell us about them. 

Absolutely. My roommates/classmates became some of my best friends. Thanks to this program, I have more friends in different places throughout the country.

If you are currently attending your health professions school, which program are you attending and what is your year in school? 

I finished medical school in Portland, Oregon at OHSU in 2020. I believe five of us got into the program and graduated the same year.  

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