Pre-Health Post-Bac Alumni Spotlight: Nana

Nana, Pre-Health Post-Bac Graduate

2013 Graduate

MD, Keck School of Medicine at USC

Why did you choose to attend the SF State Post-Bac program? 

I knew my application to medical school was not strong enough, and I wanted the opportunity to prove to myself and to these programs that my academic performance at the time was not representative of who I actually was. I knew I could do better, and I just needed another chance, and SF State was able to provide that for me.

Which SF State Post-Bac class was your favorite and why? 

Physics and Medicine was a class that was taught by Dr. Small, where he took various aspects of medicine like imaging modalities and taught us the physics behind it. It was one of my favorites because prior to the class, I was not the biggest fan of physics, but he taught it in a way that made it so enjoyable and informative.”

What is/was your favorite thing to do in SF? 

Go to the Mission District to eat, drink and hang out at Dolores Park.

What advice would you give to incoming post-bac students? 

Use this as an opportunity to turn the page and write a new chapter in your life. If you are dedicated in reaching your goal of health profession school, this program will give you the tools, but it all depends on how you use them. Dedicate yourself and work hard, and you will be able to achieve your dreams!

Did you make meaningful friendships in the program? If so, tell us about them. 

Yes. My study group consisted of Harini who is now an OB/GYN in St. Louis, I want to say, Danny who is doing emergency medicine in Michigan, Clarence who is currently doing his Anesthesia Pain fellowship at UCLA, and Viggy who is currently working as a dentist in Northern California. Weica and I still keep contact, and she is now an internal medicine attending in the South Bay, I believe. They along with many others were people (including the staff) I was able to build lifelong bonds with!

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