Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management

The Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management is designed to meet the needs of international and non-matriculated students to learn specific concepts and skills in hospitality management within two semesters. Semester option is available.

The certificate is focused on food service, lodging, recreation/resort business, and is also practically oriented toward skills and occupations. It is a coherent set of academic courses which leads to a Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

The award of the certificate means the holder has completed the required courses and related work at an acceptable level of academic accomplishment.

Students must complete two semesters of coursework in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Students who have specific educational or career needs may be allowed to vary selection of courses in the program after consulting with and obtaining written approval from the Chair, Hospitality and Tourism Management.

All certificate students must take HTM 110 in the first semester unless prior academic study or professional experience demonstrates sufficient knowledge. If approved, another course may be substituted.

To complete the Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management, students must complete eight of the courses listed below. The courses are offered on a rotation during the academic year. Not all courses are available each semester. Course descriptions are available in the SF State Bulletin.


Courses - Take Eight (24 Units)

Code Title
HTM 110 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Management
HTM 300 or
HTM 531
Hospitality Tourism Management Business Communication - GWAR or
Hospitality Services Management (Prerequisite: HTM 110)
HTM 324 or
HTM 425
Historical & Contemporary Aspects of Food, Beverage & Culture in America or
The Business of International Tourism
HTM 351 or
HTM 421
Asian Food, Culture and Hospitality or
Food, Wine and Culture in California
HTM 424 Tourism Management
HTM 457 Restaurant Operations
HTM 561 Hotel Operation Management
HTM 576 or
HTM 577
Meeting Planning and Convention/Event Management I or
Meeting Planning and Convention/Event Management II

This one-unit course introduces new students to the geographic, historical and environmental, socio-cultural and political context of the Bay Area, San Francisco and San Francisco State University. In addition, this course prepares students for success in their transition to living in San Francisco while preparing for life in San Francisco, building community, and learning about the campus and the surrounding area. The course is experiential and includes field trips throughout the city.

The course is optional, in-person/hybrid, and is offered to you free of charge. You are encouraged to take it to learn more about and experience the City of San Francisco. You can sign up when completing your course preference wishlist.

Global Business Communication Skills – This topic is delivered as Global Business Communication Skills I and II. The two CEU courses are designed to prepare students for a successful job or internship search and the professional skills needed to excel in this internship or job. These classes are not required for the certificate but strongly encouraged enrichment options if you are planning to apply for graduate school, Optional Practical Training (OPT), an internship or a job.

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