Virtual San Francisco Discover

The Virtual Program is offered as a custom program to groups. Please email for more information.

Learn about San Francisco’s people and culture in the Virtual San Francisco Discover program. Topics Include: Technology Innovation, Global Business, Art and Design, Entertainment and Sports.

Student takes online course in public

Online Program Highlights

  • Improve your speaking skills and confidence in English
  • Develop and practice your presentation skills
  • English Conversation Partnering and interaction with San Francisco State University students
  • Live cultural activities, guest speakers and virtual site visits
  • Free access to SF State’s Canvas Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Free access to Zoom via SF State’s Zoom account
  • SF State email account
  • Program orientation
  • Academic advising
  • Certificate of Completion

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What Students Say

Jiwon Lee, Student from Korea

Jiwon Lee, Korea

"It was a great experience because we could talk with native speakers who are SF State students… The teachers are really kind and warm so I could talk comfortably."

Areum Kim, Student from Korea

Areum Kim, Korea

"There were lots of opportunities to communicate in English, so I could reduce the anxiety to speak in English. Also, all the conversation partners and teachers were so kind and active that I could participate in the conversation with joy."

Hsiao-Yi Hsieh, Student from Taiwan

Hsiao-Yi Hsieh, Taiwan

"This program made me more confident in speaking English. Teachers always gave very encouraging comments in response to every sentence we said. I learned a lot of San Francisco culture and hope that one day in the future I can really experience it in San Francisco."

Tzu-En Hsieh, Student from Taiwan

Tzu-En Hsieh, Taiwan

"Although it was only a few days, I made lots of new friends from different countries. Listening to the culture from the U.S.A was the thing I liked most. Everything was fresh and interesting."

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