Student Spotlight: Angelica Ortiz-Cichocki

Important Notice

The Spanish/English Interpretation (Legal/Court) program has been discontinued and is not accepting applications. The last semester of instruction for current and former students will be summer 2024. Please contact Eduardo Cerpa with any questions.

Angelica Ortiz-Cichocki is a professionally-trained Spanish/English translator who recently completed the Spanish/English Interpretation program. As a translator, she was able to use her language skills to interpret written text but knew a career as an interpreter of verbal language could take her career to new heights and decided to pursue the course.

We spoke with Angelica about her time in the program, what made her want to pursue a certificate in interpretation and some of her favorite moments during her time at the College of Professional & Global Education. Here are some highlights from our conversation.

What was your career background prior to joining the program?

I have a degree in Spanish Language & Literature at the Universidad de Guadalajara, and I obtained a Certificate in Translation at New York University. I worked as a language teacher for a few years and then decided to start a career in translation. I have worked as a freelance translator in different fields: subtitling, marketing, legal, medical and literary translation.

Why did you decide to take classes at the College of Professional & Global Education?

I considered a few different institutions in California that offered similar programs, but I decided SF State had the best reputation of them all, and I was thrilled when I found out they offered an online program via the College of Professional & Global Education. I did some research about the courses and the content and it seemed like a truly complete program.

What were some highlights you gained from the program?

It was impressive to see how effective the program is at conveying topics online. The instructors did an excellent job at creating a positive and constructive atmosphere. All of them were happy to share all their insight and knowledge. They always motivate you and assure you that you will eventually acquire the skills you need to become a certified interpreter. I also established connections with other students in the program that have proven to be invaluable.

What are some of the skills you gained in the program?

I acquired more confidence in my language skills while understanding the areas of improvement; time management, problem solving, persistence, self-assessment, mental agility and professional integrity.

How has the program helped you in your career?

Thanks in part to this program, I have already obtained a position as an interpreter. At this position, albeit temporary, I can see myself utilizing the tools I learned during my courses, and I can see the confidence my employers feel when they encounter a professional interpreter.

Angelica Ortiz-Cichocki

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